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No matter where, no matter when, there is nothing to beat watching football live

Monday, October 29th, 2012:

It was not too many years ago that watching any form of live football match, either NFL Australian rules, soccer, or even rugby you had to be at the match to drink in the atmosphere. While most of these football matches were televised but rarely live. The best that the soccer fans could expect were recorded highlights with most matches being shown later in the evening or maybe the next day. However, as communication technology progressed, it became much more common for live football matches to be screened on television. Once again there were limitations because not every match could […] Read More →

European Club Soccer ends the season making football news

Monday, October 29th, 2012:

No matter what type of football you prefer the one thing for sure is that it is always in the news. With most of the soccer seasons in Europe drawing to a close, the league champions named and the domestic cup trophies awarded. All that remained was for the two major European Club Championships to decide. The first took place around ten days ago, with an all Spanish final as Athletico Madrid defeated Athletic of Bilbao by a three-goal margin. Most of the football news channels were represented on Saturday evening, May 19th. They were there to cover the final […] Read More →

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