The Coming Of An European Super League?

European Soccer is already considered by most people to be the best place to see the most talented soccer players in the world. Europe, though, is divided into several groups of some of the best soccer leagues in the world. These include the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and French Ligue 1. There is a new proposal that is being pitched, though.

The proposal comes from Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis. What he proposes is that a new European Super League be formed which draws from the biggest and best teams in the top five soccer leagues in Europe. If other European soccer clubs sign on this would end up becoming one of the biggest soccer revolutions in the world.

Worldwide Talent

The European soccer leagues already attract many of the most talented players in the world. Let’s face it, good soccer players will always want to compete against the best soccer players in the world. This is what helps drive the popularity of the soccer leagues today. This is not just a phenomenon that is unique to soccer. This is something that is true for any athlete in any sport.

Creating a European Super League would only make it that much more difficult for any great soccer player to turn down the opportunity. Of course, the money will not be bad either. Pitting the very best against the very best will only draw larger crowds and generate even more revenue for each soccer club. This will in turn give these European soccer superpowers even more leverage to attract the very best athletic talent in the world.

Will this be a revolution in the soccer world? Any logical person can certainly understand the case that is being made. Only time will tell if this indeed happens.

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The UEFA Champions League’s Racial Black Eye

The struggle over racism has been going on for quite some time and will continue to do so for quite some time in the future. This is absolutely no excuse, but it does happen and even in settings as fantastic as the UEFA Champions League. Well, racism has reared its ugly head again with the abuse spewed during a match at Manchester City’s Yaya Toure by fans in Moscow.

It happened during the match between Manchester City and CSKA Moscow when the crowd started directing “monkey chants” at Toure, a player from the Ivory Coast. During the match Toure urged the officials to take action but they failed to do so. This inaction has left the league with a significant black eye over the whole debacle.

What makes the matter worse is that there was action taken by UEFA Champions League in 2009 that provided guidelines on what should happen when incidents like this happen. It gave officials the power to stop or abandon games in progress due to racial threats or other threats that jeopardised the safety of the players against the crowd. It outlined a simple three-step procedure that officials were to follow.

Why Rules Are Important

The problem in the Toure situation was that the protocol was not followed. The match continued even under the pressure of racist chants. Now to date it should be noted that no UEFA Champions League match has ever been abandoned, but they have been delayed, which is the second step of this protocol.

Manchester City is expected to take legal action against the league for failing to follow procedure. This will undoubtedly leave a black eye on the league. Hopefully it will be for the better though. Maybe this is what it will take to make the officials monitor the situations like this one more closely.

The End Result?

The UEFA has ordered that CSKA Moscow’s home stadium be partially closed as punishment for their next match, against Bayern Munich on November 27. The UEFA is also under pressure to deliver on its stance against racism, as it has been criticised in the past for being too lenient.

The incident has forced Russian soccer authorities to defend their readiness to host the 2018 World Cup, as black players say that they may boycott the World Cup if Russia does not take steps to stop racist abuse by its fans.

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No matter where, no matter when, there is nothing to beat watching football live

It was not too many years ago that watching any form of live football match, either NFL Australian rules, soccer, or even rugby you had to be at the match to drink in the atmosphere. While most of these football matches were televised but rarely live. The best that the soccer fans could expect were recorded highlights with most matches being shown later in the evening or maybe the next day.

However, as communication technology progressed, it became much more common for live football matches to be screened on television. Once again there were limitations because not every match could be screened live and the choices were limited to the top teams and major matches only.

While this was definitely some kind of progress it still really did not suit the average football plan who want to watch their favourite team when they were playing and not just occasionally, but every game that they played in.

To fill the breach, cable companies began to appear. The companies specialized in broadcasting all sports and especially football. Because of their wide coverage facilities, they could offer a wide choice of every kind of football, and usually from a local spectrum. At long last, football fans felt that the cable companies were indeed the answer and from now on they can watch their favourite team on their television at home. That meant not having to turn up at the local ground in all kinds of weather or travel even sometimes abroad to watch them play.

Their enthusiasm began to be dampened when they began to take notice that the cable television bill was slowly mounting up to frightening proportions. For that reason it did not take too long before the loyal football fan was slowly moving back to square one and only allowing themselves the luxury of watching the football team perform during the important games. Going to a football game or even having a cable subscription is not cheap, so a good way to not to think about the money all the time is get a fast loan.

That was until whole new development came on the scene and that was the opportunity to watch live football on the computer and at extremely competitive cost.

Instead of paying a monthly fee to the cable company as well as various one-offs, when a particularly important match comes up, football fans from all over the world can now watch their favourite team play on the home computer, and all for a one-time fee. A fee that they can usually recover after two months, while the cable companies can only watch and wonder where their clients have all disappeared to. And don’t worry if you miss the live, you can still get the excitement of a soccer game by playing soccer slot machines. Online casinos have become popular thanks to their machines. You can find soccer games in pretty much any online casinos. If you are tempted but are still unsure, check the casino hub review Yukon Gold Casino and learn more.

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